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Greater Manchester Fire Incident Command Unit

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
10th April, 2014

Having successfully delivered the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service command and control vehicle, we are pleased to announce that the vehicle is now live in operational service.

The design of the Command and Control unit was built in conjunction with the user-group from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, designing a state of the art command and communications facility for major incidents.

The vehicle was built and designed with a self-supporting power system with on-board generator and resilience battery back-up system providing support for emergency communications.

Bence worked in conjunctions with Redfoot Technology to install a low-voltage communications system for both audible and visual communications.  This allowed the system to run more efficiently on the back-up battery system, extending the work time of the vehicle.

The interior was designed to be ergonomic and durable for regular emergency use, designed and built with hardwood furniture overlaid with robust Marmoleum worktops.

The vehicle is also supported by an on-board climate control system which provides air changes within the operation department, providing a fresh working environment for the operators and command staff.  In addition, during the sign-off stages, a Lumens test is completed to ensure that the interior meets current lighting standards.

The fitting of the latest Ka band satellite system also increased the level of communications and data transfer required for the multi-platform communications system, providing high levels of bandwidth for streaming video and the on-board VectorCommand software.

The final design enhancement for the Bence command and control unit was the fitting of a 8,00m air mast with Wi-Fi node which extended the Wi-Fi bubble around the vehicle for up to 400 metres.

We would like to thank Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service for their valued order and for allowing our use of the vehicle at the recent Emergency Services Show.

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