On the road and up to speed – the latest from Bence

Bence attend UKRC in Manchester

WH Bence are currently attending the UK Radiological Congress (UKRC) in Manchester as part of an exhibition by healthcare providers from around the world.  

Together with Toshiba, on display is Elan #4, a demountable MRI unit with 1.5T Toshiba Elan magnet installed.

The exhibition is taking place from Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 June at the Manchester Central Convention Complex, and is being attended by medical professiona

The unit is fitted with hydraulic legs to allow it to be positioned without the use of a crane.  To load it on to the trailer, the hydraulic legs are deployed, and the trailer is slid into position beneath the demountable unit.  Once it is in place, the hydraulic legs are retracted, and the unit can then be driven to the next location for deployment.

When the unit is in place at the required location, the unit hydraulic legs are activated, and the trailer stands on these to allow the trailer to be removed from beneath it.  When the trailer has been removed, the hydraulic legs are lowered, and the unit is gently lowered to the ground into place.

For further information on the specification of the Toshiba Elan demountable MRI and a video of it being deployed into place please refer to our case study page.