On the road and up to speed – the latest from Bence

Delivery of new MRI units for Hammersmith and Canterbury

WH Bence has recently manufactured two demountable MRI units to house Siemens magnets, which have now been delivered to their new sites in west London and Canterbury.

The first unit was delivered to the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust at their site at the Hammersmith Hospital in west London.

There is already a Bence demountable MRI unit situated at the Hammersmith, so we are delighted to be able to provide the Trust with this second facility.  The MRI, once commissioned will be part of a suite of demountable buildings. These comprise the main MRI examination room, a welfare/reception facility, reading room and corridor to link the units to the main hospital building so patients do not need to go outside to gain access.

The demountable units are provided with hydraulic landing legs so they do not need a crane to be positioned in place. This means that they can be positioned using a tractor unit and trailer, the legs are then extended to provide support to the unit, and the tractor can then drive away, leaving the demountable unit in place.  The hydraulic legs then lower the unit into its final position.


The Siemens magnet can then be positioned inside the demountable unit through a hatch in the roof.  Once the magnet is in place, the hatch in the roof is sealed and the radio frequency shielding built in.



The second unit has been deployed to the Kent & Canterbury Hospital, and is the first demountable MRI unit to be placed on site.  The Bence design engineering and production team worked with the Siemens team and the East Kent University NHS Foundation Trust to provide a solution that met the needs of the clinical MRI team in Canterbury. We worked with the Trust’s architects and on-site Estates team to provide the best possible location for the demountable unit, and to ensure that it was installed on-schedule.

The Bence team was met on site by the Siemens engineers and Canterbury medical physics staff in order to install the magnet into the unit on site.



The Bence team on site:
L:R: Andy Pitt, Ryan Welch, Lee Thorpe, Tony Iles, Sam Jordan