On the road and up to speed – the latest from Bence

Intersec Show

Bence attended the Intersec Show 2013 in Dubai following several serious enquiries from the Middle East market. Bence have now acquired an agent for the provision of their products throughout the Gulf region and are currently quoting for not only Fire and Rescue and medical units, but also CBRN and police vehicles. The products that Bence are currently putting to the market have been well received and we were very lucky to be able to demonstrate one of the vehicles produced for the Abu Dhabi Port Company Fire Service for the duration of the show as shown above.

Oliver Brown, Sales Director of WH Bence said, “We feel the show was a real step forward for the Company and by offering our products to different parts of the world we are able to show off our ability to meet specific customer requirements for any country. We definitely plan to exhibit at the Intersec Show 2014 and look forward to further opportunities to provide vehicles into the Gulf region.”

Bence are currently working on a project to provide service and maintenance and on-going support within the region.