On the road and up to speed – the latest from Bence

WH Bence deliver Mobile Cardiac Catheterisation Ward

The team at WH Bence have just completed one of our most innovative medical projects to date – a mobile cardiac catheterisation ward for InHealth Group.

The trailer has an expanding hydraulic pod that opens the vehicle to nearly 14m in width, yet closes to 4.2m, allowing it to be completely mobile and travel on UK roads.  The trailer is also under 4m in height, which would enable it to travel to European destinations if required.

The unit features a fold-up floor construction, allowing the unit to fold inside itself for transportation.  A video demonstrating this and the operation of the slide-out hydraulic pod can be found in our case study.

For further information contact our sales team on + 44 (0)1454 310909 or contact Oliver Brown our Sales Director at sales@whbence.co.uk.