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Scottish Fire Service

Scottish Fire Service (Highlands and Islands)

Over the past three months, WH Bence, in conjunction with the Scottish Fire Service have been designing and developing the latest in the Bence mini-appliance range.  The appliance is a standard Iveco van base which was specially manufactured for the Scottish Fire Service to meet the requirements of the stations, with restrictions on height, length and width playing a crucial part in the design of the vehicle.

The vehicle is designed with a plastic fabricated pod system which is built in-house at WH Bence and designed as a set to be able to slide through the rear doors of the vehicle, creating the internal structure.

There were some key attributes which were required by Highlands and Islands to ensure that it met their fire fighting criteria for the regions the vehicles are to be based in.  The vehicle has an integrated 800L water tank providing a high pressure hose reel through the latest Godiva 1210 Power Flow pump.  Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service plan to deploy these vehicles to their island stations where they will be crewed by retained fire fighters.

Bence also integrated the latest in BA stowage technology, with the integrated BA seat as shown in the picture, which allows the vehicles to double up as people transporters when not in active use.  The seats are both M1 tested and meet all current road-going regulations.  Sales Director Oliver Brown of WH Bence said “Constantly developing new products helps Bence to design new and improved systems for the Fire and Rescue Service.  With each project we complete we enjoy the experience of working with the Fire Service to meet their requirements.”

Bence delivered the vehicles in early July 2013.

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