Whatever the challenge, whatever the sector, Bence vehicles have brilliance built in

Creating the very best specialist vehicles requires a highly skilled team of designers, fabricators, procurement specialists and finishers. Where required, it also means working with the best external suppliers to meet demanding communications, medical and computer technology requirements of our many clients.

The process of creating brilliant mobile spaces of Bence quality takes no less than 24 key stages, divided into four main phases.


Creating flexible, mobile space from a standard van body or trailer chassis takes vision and skill. It also requires a flexible approach to meet the needs of each customer. We makes sure clients are involved from the start of the design process right through to sign-off of the final fabrication plans.

The Bence design team work closely with our procurement specialists and fabricators to ensure the highest quality products are sourced or specially fabricated on site. Designing in both 2D and 3D formats, the team create unique space, environment-proofing and storage solutions to meet the most challenging demands.


The Bence fabrication team to turn the designers’ vision into specialist vehicle reality.

With the exception of tractor units, trailer chassis and major body panels, Bence fabricates all components in-house. With some of the finest fabricators, carpenters and coachworkers in the industry, Bence has built its reputation for delivering the highest quality specialist vehicles on time and budget.

As with the design team, Bence fabricators take a flexible approach. With such specialised vehicles, the ability to develop post-design solutions is an essential part of the fabricators’ role.

Paint finish

The finishing process at Bence requires impeccable attention to detail. Once fabrication is complete, the finishing team add the “gloss” that gives Bence vehicles their distinctive quality. The team includes specialist carpenters and fitters who add details such as door handles, interior trim and fixtures.

Finishing also requires the skills of the Bence paintshop. Even the simplest paint finish requires at least five separate treatments. With recently improved facilities that include paint baking ovens, Bence can undertake the most complex new or repair tasks in the shortest possible time, but every job is hand-prepared to ensure the best possible paint finish.

Vehicle inspection

Our reputation rests on the quality of the specialist vehicles that leave the Bence factory and their conformity to external medical and other specialist accreditation standards. This is ensured with our inspection and quality control processes.

Before any Bence specialist vehicle is presented to the client for final approval it undergoes the rigorous scrutiny of our own inspection team. All electrical systems are given independent certification for both safety and quality. Every door handle, window fitting, audio-visual unit and hydraulic connector is tested, right down to the drawer slides in the kitchen cabinets.


Bence prides itself on employing the most highly skilled designers, fabricators and finishers in the industry, supported by experienced procurement specialists and administrators.  We are delighted to announce that WH Bence have now been assessed by our accreditation body Alcumus/ISOQAR, and have been awarded the new 2015 standard for ISO 9001 / 14001. We have also been awarded the BS EN 1090 certification for structural welding standards.

In order to maintain this accreditation the Company is externally audited every six months to ensure that we maintain this high quality and environmental control standard.

In order keep winning major contracts in the medical, emergency services and motorsport sectors, Bence strives continually to improve the quality of its specialist vehicles. Our vehicles are subjected to at least ten stringent sets of tests.

Our expanding order book isn’t the only proof we’re exceeding expectations – we’ve been formally recognised by a number of suppliers, including GE Healthcare, as an Accredited Supplier of Mammography trailers, and by Siemens and Toshiba as an accredited demountable MRI and CT supplier.

Interested? Drop us an email at sales@whbence.co.uk or call us at +44 1454 310 909