16-vehicle contract from Breast Check Ireland.


Breast Check Ireland


Breast Check Ireland have awarded a 16-vehicle, multi-million pound contract to WH Bence. The announcement comes after Bence successfully built two mobile breast screening units for the Irish organisation, whose remit is to support a dramatic expansion in breast screening services throughout the Irish Republic. Mobile breast Screening unitThe contract is for 14 mobile units which include reception/waiting areas, staff facilities and the mammography imaging environment. This contract further strengthens Bence’s position as Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of mobile breast screening and other diagnostic vehicles, with recent contracts commissioned by Mercury Health (now Care UK) and the NHS. Bence recently underwent the accreditation process for GE Healthcare for their range of digital mammography equipment. The process involved rigorous testing which included a 5,000 mile road vibration test, as well as subjecting the units to both extremities of the temperature range. The unit had to operate faultlessly in external temperatures of -35 degrees and + 45 degrees Celsius. Success in all areas now makes Bence the only approved European suppliers of trailers for the GE Healthcare range of digital mammography imaging equipment. WH Bence also provide a comprehensive service and maintenance service for all 16 trailers, which covers all of the running gear and generator maintenance. Our team of service engineers regularly travel to Ireland to perform preventative maintenance on the units, and Bence are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of unexpected breakdown. Once a year, the trailers are brought back to our service and maintenance depot in Yate, near Bristol for a full annual service and returned to active service the following week.