The latest Relocatable Cath Labs manufactured by WH Bence for Agito were designed and manufactured with the latest Philips Azurion 12 equipment.  The relocatable design offered the ability to meet the Philips planning guide requirements for ceiling heights, ceiling width and room lengths, allowing the relocatable to be used for a variety of Cardiac procedures.

To allow flexibility with deployment, Bence integrated their latest hydraulic deployment design with four integrated hydraulic legs capable of lifting the 27 Tonne body from the transport trailer.  This allows quick and easy deployment as well as reducing high craneage costs.  In the event the unit does require crane lifting, we have fully tested lifting bracketry allowing the unit to be lifted with four points into position.

The interior was designed to offer flexibility with the type of procedures able to be carried out on the relocatable.  The workflow and design allowed staff to move easily through the interior and with the spacious procedure room, multiple staff could be on attendance during various procedures.  To allow easy access for patient trolleys Bence integrated the latest Dortek sliding door, which offered both 60 minute fire protection and Code 6 lead protection.

A bespoke air handling unit was designed to provide the air pressures and air change rates required to meet clinical requirements.   The specialist design incorporated the latest remote monitoring system to protect the unit when unoccupied.  The air handling unit is designed to meet the UK climatic conditions it will face and is designed to be compact while still compliant to fit in the available space on the Cath Lab design.

We were delighted to work with Agito to create this latest Cath Lab system and we currently offer them UK support with service and maintenance for all Bence built facilities.