Hybrid Generator Power

With increasing fuel costs and the Government’s request to help reduce carbon emissions by 2030, Bence have looked to develop a hybrid generator solution for mobile clinics providing Breast Screening and other simple modalities.

Bence first designed the pilot Breast Screening trailer in 1987 when the mobile breast screening service was first born, providing a variety of power solutions for their operation from direct mains power at each site through to onboard diesel power generators.  As the breast screening equipment has modernised and we have looked to digitise the x-ray imagery onboard, this has also seen an increase in power requirements for the mobile trailers.  So Bence have designed and developed a hybrid generator system which uses the latest high energy deep discharge battery packs which can support operational use for the Breast Screening unit through an 8 hour day.  Then overnight it can be recharged via an onboard gene4rator or small localised power supply.  The benefit of this hybrid system is that it only takes the power required rather than a constant feed, which many generators would provide.  This means it is the most efficient and effective solution for drawing mains power and helps to keep costs down for the NHS.

The hybrid system is designed and calculated to be able to achieve the screening of up to 80 women per day without the requirement for any additional power source other than the battery bank built into its underfloor locker system.  This also removes the requirement for having an onboard power generator if you are able to obtain a 16amp / 32amp landline supply at your local venue.  The removal of the generator also helps to remove vibration and noise from inside the screening trailer, which can only be a benefit for patient and staff wellbeing. 

This hybrid solution is available on all Bence mobile and relocatable systems.

Mobile Power Solution for CT & MRI (AKA Godzilla)

Many of the hospital sites in the UK have a mobile MRI pad these days. However the normal power cable supply on these purpose built pads for parking up MRI and CT trailers is 100 AMP .Unfortunately the newer CT scanners require at least 200 AMPs and more for testing.  It is often impossible to upgrade the power supplies or if it is the timescale is long and the cost astronomical to accommodate the requirements of the latest scanners.

Bence have designed a very large transportable power supply. In essence this is a very powerful UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

The UPS is contained in a 20 Ft Container and will upgrade a 63 amp supply to 200 Amps for the short periods of time scanning is taking place.

Testing the first one has just been completed and Bence have launched this new product under the banner of Bence Power.

Cummins Onan Dealers

Bence are one of the UK Cummins Onan generator agents able to provide service, support and parts for onboard power generators between 5kW and 50kW.  Bence are an accredited parts stockist and are able to support our customers with a variety of onsite services and can also offer replacement generators in case of failure to provide interim services to make sure that you do not have any downtime with our products.

The Bence Service and Maintenance team are fully trained and have the necessary spare parts available to be able to fix the majority of the generator issues at the side of the road or on a customer’s site.  If you are a Bence service customer and have 24/7 cover, this means an engineer could be on site within 4 hours to support and repair your issue.

Bence worked with Cummins Onan to create a de-marinised diesel engine system with auxiliary fan, which is ideal for the mobile environment.  Bence design and install these generators to be serviceable in slide-out pneumatic trays to allow full 360° service capability.

Bence also have the capability to upgrade any existing generator systems to a Cummins Onan product and we have the design and fabrication facilities available to remove existing generator sets and replace with new Cummins Onan systems, with bespoke design for your requirements.  We will work with you to understand your power requirements and offer you a generator which is tailored to the amount of power required for your day to day operation.

These generators have been fitted across the Bence product range for Mobile MRI, through to hospitality suites for motor racing, they offer hassle free, easy operation with low noise and vibration levels.