WH Bence in partnership with Canon have provided a 3-Pod mobile CT to London Royal Free Hospital.  This CT trailer is manufactured with lead lining to house the Canon Aquilion Prime SP together with contrast injector.  The double slide-out pods within the scan room extends the internal space from a standard trailer interior footprint of 2420mm to 4,266mm.  Bence have added an extra slide out pod within the control area offering additional space for easier patient access, changing room and cannulation room.  The control area also contains an operators desk with a viewing window into the CT room and hand washing facilities.  Wheelchair and trolley access is provided directly to the scanning room via the 1,000kg patient lift.  The trailer is provided with under-floor lockers for location of items such as the generator is also used for storage of the stairs and handrails during transportation.  The innovative design of moving the transportation generator to below the floor of the trailer has created 25% more interior space than any other mobile CT currently on the market.  The trailer is provided with air conditioning to provide temperature stability within the scan room as well as an air handling unit with HEPA filtration to assist with infection control providing 10 air changes per hour.