Chelmsford and Colchester Breast Screening Unit.


Chelmsford and Colchester Breast Screening Unit


Having received the order from Chelmsford and Colchester for their latest mammography trailers, Bence were also excited to get the opportunity to provide some additional livery requirements, which helped to brighten up the exterior of the vehicle, providing a bright, attractive finish to the vehicle. With the Chelmsford design, other factors were also taken into consideration. A more spacious kitchen facility was provided, as the extended hours required to cope with the enlarged screening numbers allows the staff to overlap on the vehicle without causing too many issues with the incoming patients. As per the standard build for most Bence vehicles, the water system was also fitted with the latest Seagull water filter system which allows the water to be drinkable from the main vehicle tanks, providing an easy solution to the water on mobile problem which seems to occur in many of the Trusts across the country.