With the launch of the UK Lung Screening pilot by the UK Government, Siemens were approached as part of their MES contract in Southampton to support the purchase of a mobile CT system and reception to create this pilot service.  Having supported Siemens in Southampton since their MES success in 2014, Bence were contracted to design and manufacture the mobile system.  The design brief was to create a two-trailer combination which offered the full lung screening service which could be deployed into the community as a standalone facility.

Bence worked with the clinical team to create a reception and clinic facility to be able to do the first stage of the lung screening process.  This incorporated a reception and waiting area to offer an aesthetically pleasing entrance way for patients through to spacious clinic rooms which offered dual capability for both patient interview and smoke sensation demonstrations, which hope to offer current smokers the opportunity to find ways in which to quit.

As this was a two-trailer design, Bence had to look at how to create a walkway and safe connection between the two trailers to allow patients to access the mobile CT easily.  Bence created a covered walkway to allow easy access between the two trailers and the walkway was designed to make the deployment of the trailers easy and quick so that it could move between sites across Southampton.

The CT trailer was of a bespoke layout worked through with the clinical team, giving the mobile CT flexibility to not only work as part of this lung screening programme but also as a standalone mobile which could be used alongside the hospital to offer additional capacity to the Radiology department.  The trailer was provided with changing and staff facilities, along with the standard control and scanning rooms.  Integrated into the trailer was the latest hydraulic wheelchair access lift, allowing patients in wheelchairs to access the scanning facilities.

Bence were also able to offer other services as part of the procurement process with Bence Service carrying out site surveys across Southampton to look at utility requirements and access for the trailer to be delivered across the county.  We were able to assist with providing detailed information on the utilities and upgrades required at the various sites to make sure the trailers could be deployed easily and swiftly at each location.  Finally we were delighted to be awarded the service and maintenance contract, with Bence offering a long-term 7 year warranty contract alongside their service provision.

Since deployment we have had wonderful feedback from both Siemens and the NHS Trust with the unit working exceptionally well across the County.