Decontamination Unit.




To support InHealth’s ever expanding medical procedure solutions, Bence have created a mobile decontamination unit to allow them to expand their endoscopy services across contacts in the North West. The Decontamination Unit was designed to the latest HTM standards, including 25 air changes and high grade filtration systems. To provide a comfortable working environment for the staff, Bence integrated an electro-hydraulic lifting sink system to provide for a diverse workforce. The unit was split into a clean and dirty facility with integrated endoscopy washers between the two areas. The Decontamination unit was designed to be self-sufficient except for a water supply with an on-board 50KW generator as well as a standard mains feed. It is anticipated the washers will use in excess of 1000 litres per day and Bence have included a 450 litre header tank to allow specific pressure to be built up into the system prior to the washers operating. Following completion of the unit, the Decontamination vehicle was deployed into the field to assist with interim services on contract.