Fire Vehicle – Rescue Boat Appliance.


Avon Fire and Rescue Service


This vehicle was designed and manufactured by WH Bence to provide a self-contained appliance for a full-time Avon Fire and Rescue Station for Water Rescue purposes, including providing safety equipment for operational crews. The appliance will carry a fully-inflated Rescue Boat (Safequip 4.0 ResQCraft) complete with fixed engine, with associated water rescue and safety equipment being stowed in provided lockers as specified. The box body was built on a Mercedes-Benz Chassis Cab 516 Blue-Tec E6 4×4 Long Wheelbase (4325mm) The vehicle is controlled via the standard WH Bence CAN-bus system, and has an easy to use driver panel, which controls lighting, emergency blue lights and all auxiliary equipment. WH Bence designed and manufactured a restraining system which holds the rescue boat system in place, and allows easy deployment by the crew in case of emergency. WH Bence also designed a set of stowage lockers to the side and rear of the vehicle to allow for storage of emergency lifesaving equipment.