Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Cold Cutting Equipment Project.



WH Bence deliver the first UHPP system

WH Bence are pleased to announce the delivery of the first Combined Cold Cutting and Ultra High Pressure pumping systems (Cobra) to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, the contract is to supply and fit the Cobra system to all of the brigades front line Water Tender vehicles.

The brigades have awarded WH Bence the contract through their framework that was announced in 2014. The framework is available to any UK Fire Service via Greater Manchester Fire Services Purchasing Department.

The brigades approach to the installation of this equipment is to embrace the latest technology and adapt traditional Fire Fighting techniques in the use of such equipment to meet the requirements expected of the British Fire Service.

The equipment is installed in such away as to utilise the vehicles existing main Water Pump drive line minimising the initial costs and also the total whole life costings of the vehicle.

WH Bence and the brigades engineering and operational staff worked together over a period of time to achieve the satisfactory outcome and after an initial period of training given to the brigades maintenance and operation staff the first vehicles have now been deployed into operational use.