WH Bence do not just offer a manufacturing provision, but also to provide a support and transportation facility for marketing and other advertising events. In August 2010 HTC and Flourish Marketing came to us with a proposal for a tour to follow this years’ cycling tour races around the UK, Spain and France. A design was completed, integrating all of the recent HTC phone technology, and also some of the most recently designed racing road bikes, currently used by the HTC team. Within the design, we helped to integrate the bikes and technology in to the trailer to provide an excellent marketing tool for HTC during each of these events. The bikes were set up so members of the public could ride each bike to charge their HTC mobile phone, providing both an insight for the client as to the nature of the bikes the riders currently use, and also providing excellent customer exposure for HTC. We successfully completed the tour over the following months, travelling through the UK and into Europe, providing on site back up with a Bence operative available 24 hours a day, and also route planning and any other additional admin requirements for transporting the vehicle through Europe. The tour culminated in Seville during the Spanish cycling road race where the HTC road race team successfully took several of the major stages. The success of the HTC/Bence/Flourish partnership has enticed HTC to look at doing future projects of a similar nature following the wonderful design and build and tour interaction they received during this project. We look forward to working with HTC in the future, and wish them all the best with any future projects.