London Fire Command Vehicles.




WH Bence were awarded the prestigious London Fire Brigade Command Unit project in 2022. These nine state-of-the-art command centres will provide officers with the technology and communication to be able to manage any large scale incident throughout the London area. Designed specifically for the busiest fire and rescue service in the country and one of the largest firefighting and rescue organisations, Bence’s command unit features several design innovations, incorporating low-level access to provide an integrated meeting area – acting as a hub for not only the London Fire Brigade, but also other agencies, including other emergency services and local authorities. The robust nature of Bence Group meant we were able to manage and deliver every stage of the project ourselves, making the project a true partnership between Bence and London Fire Brigade. During the initial stages, Bence’s design office created the bespoke interior fit-out, Bence Command were then tasked to install the latest integrated technologies to provide communications and visual aids for the officers on the incident ground, finally Bence Creative designed a bespoke exterior livery to meet the requirements of the modern fire brigade. We are beyond proud of this initial project for London Fire Brigade and are excited to see these vehicles go into action later this year.