Lung Screening Trailer.




Bence were delighted to win the tender to provide a clinic facility for Cobalt’s recently awarded Lung Screening Service in Manchester. Bence provided an integral clinic which integrated with two other manufacturers’ vehicles to be the centerpiece in a “first of type” CT lung screening facility. This is one of 10 UK sites which have been provided UK NHS funding to start early lung screening for areas of interest for the NHS. The service is to provide the prototype for the future of CT lung screening to assist with early diagnoses of cancers and other smoking related illnesses. The clinic provided space for three private sound isolated consultation rooms, a facility for staff for welfare and a reception and waiting area. The unit was designed using the latest Bence composite panel construction and integrated a fresh-air air-conditioning system and on-board water supply. Bence were delighted to be invited to the opening of the screening programme in Manchester in early May and hope to win future business for other CT screening programmes.