Mobile Cardiac Catheterisation Day Ward.




WH Bence are delighted to present their latest and most innovative mobile medical trailer to date, a completely transportable mobile cardiac catheterisation day ward, manufactured for InHealth. The ward, which is based on a trailer of 16 metres in length, and 4.2 metres in width, is a hydraulic slide-out pod system with fold up floor, which enables the unit to travel on UK roads with escort vehicle assistance. The unit also has a separate waiting area, DDA compliant WC/washroom facilities, sluice room, nurses station, and all required medical gas facilities. The ward can be arranged to be two separate rooms for male/female, or the dividing panel can be removed to make a single six-ward bed depending on requirement. The unit is currently destined for a hospital in Oxfordshire, where it will be situated next to an InHealth mobile cardiac operating theatre, providing a valuable extra clinical resource.