Mobile Chemotherapy Unit.


Hope for Tomorrow


WH Bence were delighted to present the new mobile chemotherapy unit for the charity Hope for Tomorrow at their 10th annual Charity Polo Match on 27th June 2015. The event, held at Beaufort Polo Club was visited by the Duchess of Beaufort, who was invited on to the unit for an appraisal. Oliver and James Brown of WH Bence were also invited as guests of Hope for Tomorrow, and are pleased to report that the sun shone and that they had received excellent feedback from the guests invited on board for a look around. The unit is the first in the “second generation” of mobile chemotherapy units produced for the Charity, and will be the 11th unit to go into service with the charity in the coming months. WH Bence Sales Director Oliver Brown said, “We were delighted to design and manufacture the unit with the guidance of the Hope for Tomorrow team. Our aim was to create a pleasant, non-clinical ambience inside the unit for the patients receiving treatment, and an effective workspace for the staff to enable them to carry out their duties easily. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Hope for Tomorrow team, and we at Bence are hoping this is the beginning of a long and successful relationship.” In the video below, our managing director James Brown gives a demonstration of the use of the mobile patient lift installed on all Hope for Tomorrow mobile chemotherapy units manufactured by WH Bence. The patient lift system allows a wheelchair-bound patient plus carer to access the unit quickly and safely, without disassembling the step unit.