Mobile CT.




Bence were approached by Cobalt to manufacture the latest in CT mobiles for the current UK Lung Screening pilot service. Across the UK government spending has allowed Trusts to actively create lung screening services in deprived areas, offering incredible results in the early stages of the trial. Bence worked with Siemens Healthcare to install their latest CT system into the Bence trailer solution. The trailer was designed with two slide-out sides, creating a spacious interior CT scan room. The design by Bence also incorporated an under-chassis generator and air-conditioning systems hidden behind the fibre-glass faring, providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. By incorporating the generator within the chassis, we were able to provide an additional metre within the CT control room, which has offered Cobalt flexibility with regards to use and operational capability. The trailer incorporates changing cubicles, control space and the scan room, along with integrated underfloor lockers for ancillary stowage. Bence are currently in the process of designing and building two additional Siemens CT systems for other lung screening projects across the UK.