Mobile DXA Unit.


Public Health Wales


Having designed and manufactured the first Mobile DXA scanner provided to NHS Wales ten years ago, Bence were delighted to be awarded the contract to design and build the replacement unit. Over the last three months, Bence has worked with the Trust to design and confirm the upgraded layout for the new DXA Scanner, providing a safe working environment for staff and a stable environment for the DXA equipment. From the photos you are able to see that we have also provided a more modern up to date interior, manufactured from durable materials. Bence are also delighted to announce that they have also secured the service and maintenance contract for the unit offering five years comprehensive warranty and support for the unit throughout Wales during its life cycle. The unit will be delivered to South Wales within the next few days, where it will replace the existing unit and go into full operation. Some of the key features of the unit include: DDA compliant lift and door access system, providing wheelchair access directly into the main entrance door. A security lock for the main entrance door with staff control to offer security to staff working on the vehicle away from main hospital sites. A bright, modern interior with the latest air-conditioning systems to support both patients and staff.