Mobile MRI Trailer.




Bence received accreditation from Philips this year and were able to install the latest Philips Ingenia MRI system into the bespoke Bence trailer. Bence worked closely with Philips to design an environment which would be suitable to support the MRI with our dual chiller system, providing both mains power and transport power chiller systems. This means there is not a single point of failure with the trailer and that it has a backup capability in case of any power or chiller failures. The trailer was also designed with a super-silent diesel marine generator, which is also rated to the current new London emissions. The trailer was designed on a stainless steel chassis with rear steer capability, providing easy manoeuvrability and a robust rigid chassis for the MRI install. The interior layout was also designed to incorporate all elements of the Philips install, including a large control room with excellent access for both trolley and wheelchair patients. We also designed a variety of storage systems to incorporate all of the coils and support ancillary equipment required for the MRI We were delighted to install the unit at the Royal Berkshire Community Hospital, where it will be sited for a number of months before being deployed across the Royal Berkshire Trust.