Nitro Airstream.




With the exciting new launch of the Nestle Nitro Cold Coffee drink, Bence provided a three tier activation solution for this year’s experiential events for Nestle. The design included three separate activation types, Bronze, Silver and Gold. These offered a variety of delivery methods for Nestle in the community and also for large festival events and live concerts at the O2. The Bronze and Silver were based on the latest bike delivery systems, integrating both refrigerated storage and carbotech dispensers for the Nitro drink. Both units had full external livery to match the brand requirements. The Gold activation was the re-energisation of an existing Airstream solution, which Bence reconfigured the interior and resprayed the exterior to create a new interactive solution. Externally Bence created a stage system with the latest digital print flooring, providing aesthetically pleasing and brand conscious solution. The units are on tour on the moment working at the O2 and will be seen at Bestival and a number of venues during Freshers week in 2018. Bence also offered their transport services delivering the unit across the UK with trained staff providing support and transportation to a variety of venues across the UK.