Norfolk Fire Pumping Appliances.



WH Bence are pleased to announce the first in the series of new pumping appliances, built for Norfolk & Norwich Fire and Rescue Service. These vehicles are the first in a series of 10 to leave the WH Bence factory this year, with the final appliances leaving us in April 2014. The appliances are built on 4300mm wheelbase Scania CP31 chassis, with a co-polymer body/integral water tank construction, and a Godiva Prima 2010 pump system. The vehicle cab features seating for 9 fire fighters, and the latest WH Bence BA stowage system. The vehicles feature the WH Bence integrated Body/Chassis CAN system, which can be programmed to meet the functional requirements of any particular Brigade. The rear body of the vehicle contains the specialised sliding tray and cradle stowage system which has been configured to meet the exact requirements of Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service. The vehicle also benefits from a 306 degree CCTV system.