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From the beginning of 2010, Bence were commissioned by P1 Motorsport to create their new state of the art track side race facility. Some of the key factors, as you can see from the photographs, is that there is a requirement for a larger office facility, which meant that some innovative design techniques were required to expand both offside and nearside panels in order to offer the extended office space. The office has been designed around the interior requirements of both the race team and aesthetically pleasing requirements of a top flight race team. With all leather furniture and lacquered hardwood furniture, it provides both a durable and attractive office facility. The office was provided with the latest air conditioning, IT and visual display systems with multiple CAT 5 and CAT 6 networks running through the office, providing up to date timing information, on-track cameras and laptop presentation facilities. The vehicle was completely air conditioned throughout, providing both a cool working environment in the main equipment storage in the rear, and in the race office compartment at the front. The vehicle was designed as a double deck trailer, making the most of the available space, providing work tops along the lower deck for a working environment during the race weekend, and the upper deck providing further storage space for items such as an awning and additional race car parts and flight cases. The equipment storage was designed around the necessary equipment required by the customer, with flight case sizes and equipment sizes provided so we were able to design itemised storage for each component. In addition to the equipment two Renault Master Formula cars would also be required to be transported, so special Unwin track retaining devices were fitted along both decks to offer a strong structure for when the cars were to be transported. The vehicle was also provided with a state of the art electrical system with on-board 4.8 kw generator with auto start, 24-way mains distribution providing protection for all mains electrical equipment, and also an emergency lighting and back-up system running from auxiliary batteries built into the under floor locker system. The exterior was designed to be able to accommodate all of the necessary equipment, including a 2 tonne CarCo tail lift, mounted at the rear of the vehicle providing access to both the lower and upper decks for equipment storage and loading. We also provided external power and lighting points so that when the unit was fitted with a side awning lighting and power provision was available. The project was successfully completed in spring 2010, and has been used successfully at the first few races of the new Renault Master series. We wish P1 Motorsport all the success in the future.