Pennine Breast Screening Unit.


Pennine Breast Screening Service


In 2012, W H Bence were awarded the contract for providing Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust their latest digital mammography trailers. The vehicles were designed around the latest Hologic Dimensions equipment, providing upgraded air conditioning systems and a UPS on-board uninterrupted power supply which was able to cope with the additional power requirement of this X-ray set. The design and installation of the UPS was a design and idea bought in and developed by Bence to be able to cope with the ongoing issues with power supplies. All the X-ray equipment has been successfully installed in the recently-built Bradford units. Each van was designed with a separate colour scheme to allow the Trust to have some creative flair to the interior layout of the vehicles, and to also provide the patients with a warm and welcoming internal space. Bence offer a wide variety of materials with the design and build of their vehicles, which allows our clients to feel that they have a real input into the design of the vehicle. The vehicle was also designed with its own on-board power generator and on-board water system to make the unit completely self-sufficient. More and more sites are finding it difficult to find the necessary power. This is now crucial for many of the NHS mobile facilities. The units are now actively in service and they have also taken up the Bence service and maintenance contract over a ten-year period, which provides support and warranty to them for the duration. This is becoming a more popular by the NHS Trusts, as this allows them to have a set fee for maintenance and warranty for the duration of the vehicle’s life cycle.