Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Foam Response Unit.

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    Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service


WH Bence were delighted to produce two demountable hook lift foam sledges for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The Brigade’s specification called for a single demount pod unit for use with an existing prime mover hook lift currently in operation with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.  The unit is to carry 6 x 1000 litre IBC foam containers situated within a purpose-built framework.  These pods are for use at major incidents where foam firefighting equipment is required.

The unit is built on an integrated CHEM T-8 sub-frame to be compatible with the Brigade’s existing New Dimension prime mover hook lift.

Built onto the standard CHEM sub-frame is a curtain sided body complete with a rear-mounted locker assembly.  The under-frame of the curtain sided body is manufactured from standard automotive mild steel sections and applied with an anti-corrosive material prior to the assembly and fitment of the curtain sided body and rear locker assembly.

The curtain sided body is manufactured using standard heavy goods vehicle sections and the curtain manufactured from a heavy duty material.

To the rear section of the demount is fitted a full height and full width locker assembly 1.00m wide  The locker unit is of a double height configuration and is fully enclosed by two fully sealed door arrangements.

Fitted into the roof section of the curtain sided bodywork is two Flettner venting units to allow for the circulation of air in the curtain sided bodywork.  This is to eliminate any stagnation of the air within the unit and to stop any moisture build up within the body.

To the front bulkhead of the body is fitted a socket allowing the unit to be connected to the New Dimensions chassis and is configured to indicate the overall length of the vehicle to the donor chassis to allow for the rear under-run bar to be positioned in its correct position.

To the interior of the curtain sided section of the bodywork are fitted LED strip light units to provide adequate illumination.  The switching of these lamp units is via a switch located on to the forward bulkhead.  Fitted into each of the four rear locker compartments is also fitted a single LED strip light.

The power supply for all of the interior lighting units is via a portable generator.  The power from the generator to all of the electrical circuitry is fed via a fully fused distribution board.

The CHEM T-8 sub-frame and under-frame is fully protected using a heavy duty anti corrosive material (stone chip).  The complete assembly is painted Post Office Red (RAL3002) to meet the requirements of the Brigade’s specification.

Rear yellow and red chevrons are applied to the rear bodywork in line with the Brigade’s existing vehicles.

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