Bence Fire Appliance for Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service.

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    Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service

Unit Walkthrough Video.


Under the original tender awarded to WH Bence by Northumberland Fire & Rescue, WH Bence were commissioned with a call off of a further 6 appliances.  These have been designed with the Volvo FL 280 4 x 2 14 Tonne cab chassis with Bence integrating Godiva 3010 P2A Prima water and foam system.  The rear body is an anti-corrosive co-polymer design with 1800 litre integrated tank and includes weather-proof, adjustable stowage compartments with a variety of shelving systems providing flexibility for future Brigade storage needs.  The pump is run through the on-board Bence electronic pump control screen pre-set pressures for both high and low pressure, emergency stop and accumulative pump hours and litre usage.

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