Relocatable Aquillion One CT.


The Imaging Company


At the 2018 UKRC, Bence and The Imaging Company launched the latest in their fleet of Relocatable CT Units. The relocatable was provided with an Aquillion One, the first fitted in a relocatable in the UK, offering customers the highest levels of CT scanning provision available in a mobile or relocatable facility. The design of the relocatable gives an overall wider platform with a box at 4m wide by 13.6m long. This allows a variety of medical procedures and scans to take place with the extra room available inside. Patient comfort is also critical in the Bence design with the Integration of back-lit LED light panels and a calm interior colour scheme. The relocatable is designed to offer both a stand-alone system or the ability to connect directly to a hospital via the rear sliding door. The Relocatable can also be connected through a number of utilities with direct feeds for fire alarm, network and mains water. The unit is also provided with a back-up generator offering resilience to the unit in case of mains power failure. The generator is a Bence supplied Cummins Onan Diesel Marine generator with 300 litre fuel tank to allow the unit to be protected for up to three days operational time without mains power. The relocatable system is delivered with the latest hydro-electric leveling system, allowing the unit to lift itself from the trailer down to ground level. The hydraulic system is designed for ease of operation with a simple wander lead hand control system, which allows the delivery driver to walk around the vehicle viewing each leg as it is deployed. The unit now becomes a key part of The Imaging Company’s fleet of relocatables used for interim and long-term hires.