Rum Bus.


Flourish Creative and Appleton Rum


In 2013, WH Bence, commissioned by the Flourish Creative design agency, converted a vintage bus into a promotional touring vehicle. Bence assisted in the acquisition of the base vehicle and worked alongside Flourish to complete the design and fit out of the interior. Our in-house fabrication team manufactured bespoke panels and internal furniture to restore the bus to its original glory while adding enhancements like the in-built bar and seating areas. The bus was also restored mechanically by our in-house service and maintenance department to enable it take part in a UK-wide tour. The exterior was completed in the Bence paint shop with the two-tone colour scheme shown in the photographs, and provided support to the livery company for installation of the graphics. The vehicle completed a tour in the summer of 2013, enhancing the Appleton Rum brand.