South Yorkshire Mini Fire Appliance.



The creation of the latest generation of fire appliances has been built around more manoeuvrable and lighter weight vehicles to make the vehicles more fuel efficient to allow access to the tighter urban areas. The recently designed and constructed South Yorkshire Fire mini fire appliances, built on a Sprinter 4×4 chassis is the newest Bence example of this product. The vehicle has been designed to carry four personnel and is provided with a BA set for one of the operators.

It has the latest fire fogging system with a 450L water tank on board. The interior space was designed around a sliding co-polymer pod which can be removed at the end of the vehicle’s service so it can be sold as a separate unit. By constructing the internal wall structure and storage system from co-polymer we were able to design it around the customer’s exact requirements.

At the rear of the vehicle, the existing rear doors were removed and a roller shutter system was installed, providing easy access to all on-board equipment including two slide and tilt shelves and an additional small handbag pump for low pressure water feed. The vehicles have been delivered to South Yorkshire and will go into service in six to eight weeks.