Taunton and Leicester Breast Screening Service.


NHS Breast Screening Service


WH Bence were lucky enough to win both the orders for Taunton Breast Screening Service and Leicestershire Breast Screening Service for their latest round of mammography trailers. The vehicles were designed to take the latest digital equipment, combining both an excellent interior finish but with a practical and durable working environment. The vehicle has been designed to have the option to be completed self-sufficient, with a 19kw silent diesel marine generators, which can provide sufficient power for all on-board equipment, including the digital mammography equipment. This offers the Trust the chance to not only have mains landline, but to go to other sites where they can only possibly run from the on-board generator system. By increasing the tank size we have been able to maximise the generator capacity and this has allowed the vehicle to be self-sufficient for up to three weeks. The on-board electrical system has also been designed to help provide protection for all on-board systems. An automatic start on the generator system means that if the mains power fails at any of the sites, the generator will automatically start, providing power and continued use. This helps to reduce any chance of down time due to power problems or power cuts. In addition to this, Bence now fit the optional extra of an SMS messaging system, which allows the on-board system to have the opportunity to provide a warning message via an SMS to a designated mobile phone. The number of this could either be the transport emergency department here at WH Bence, or the local NHS estates personnel. The interior has been designed to offer a welcoming environment with a natural wood finish and bright and vibrant colours, both through the flooring, seating and upholstery. Each of the designs for the interior has been specially created for each of the breast screening services, providing them with their exact standard to allow them to be able to increase work flow and run a more efficient day to day clinic. We also now include excellent welfare provision with both hot and cold running water, a fridge for all consumables, a built in kettle and microwave system and comfortable seating to enjoy a rest during the busy working day. On completion of these vehicles they were delivered to the prospective NHS Trusts, where they were handed over to the senior radiographer and then put straight into action following training from the X-ray manufacturers. We wish both Leicestershire and Taunton all success with the future of their digital breast screening services.