With the ever expanding UK radiology market in the private sector, TIC Health came to Bence to expand their already state-of-the-art CT service provision.  The flexible CT Relocatable design provided by WH Bence allows quick and easy deployment while offering comfortable clinical and staff facilities.  The design of the hydraulic deployment system means that the Bence Relocatable can be deployed on site within 20 minutes, offering a variety of benefits to both staff and patients.  Starting with the low entrance, there is no requirement for steps as the deployed Relocatable is at ground level, so only a small ramp is required for wheelchair access.  The additional interior space within the oversized Relocatable provides a spacious control room for three staff and one or two changing cubicles.

The space afforded to the CT within the scanning room provides a comfortable environment for patients, helping to reduce the feeling of claustrophobia in these types of procedures/scans.  The additional space also offers a variety of storage options for consumables throughout the unit.

We worked with the team at TIC to create a comfortable environment for patients, integrating the latest backlit ceiling skyscapes and wall-mounted murals.  The colour scheme through the interior and the use of natural effect material does make for a calming and pleasant patient environment.

Bence are delighted to offer TIC their full transport and service provision, moving the relocatables across the UK as they are deployed for short or long-term contracts.  The relocatables and trailers provided for TIC are offered with long-term service and maintenance contracts which incorporate comprehensive warranty for their duration.  The final piece of the puzzle is the remote monitoring service provided by Bence, allowing full control and access to utilities onboard to protect the high-end medical equipment when on site.