Toshiba Demountable MRI.




Bence were delighted to receive the order from Toshiba Medical Systems in the UK to build a new portable MRI which is being used at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and will be installed at the Athletes Village Having the latest Toshiba Elan 1.5 Tesla MRI on site means that competitors suffering injuries to their joints and muscles can be scanned immediately. Normally a visit to a local hospital would be required. The new Toshiba Elan is very fast so there won’t be a queue to be scanned! The Bence mobile system can be deployed almost anywhere on reasonably even ground and be in action within an hour of arrival. This is the first portable system to comply with road traffic height regulations, allowing it to be used throughout Europe. The contract was placed with Bence on a very tight timescale, and the below comments from Mark Hitchman, the Managing Director of Toshiba in the UK give a good indication of Bence’s performance. “We are really happy with the new Vantage Elan relocatable unit supplied by WH Bence. The quality of the fit and finish is the best we have ever seen, and the Toshiba team and Bence team worked really well together. Delivered on time and on budget without arguments or complaints. Perfect.” James Brown, Managing Director of Bence said, “Building extremely complex scanning mobiles involving RF shielding, magnetic shielding and high levels of equipment and ambient cooling is always challenging. Due to the company’s ability to produce a high quality project such as this on time and to budget, we have been awarded a further MRI contract with Toshiba. We are delighted to be working with Toshiba and are looking forward to a productive long-term relationship with them.” Toshiba have commissioned a video showing the departure of the unit for the Commonwealth Games: